Pirates News · Extra Time: Help Others

One of the great opportunities in sports is to develop things like perseverance, passion, and putting your team mates ahead of yourself. Sports provide a place to work through the challenges of building these characteristics. The vast majority of our student athletes will end their sport careers at high school graduation. The desire of our athletic programs at Hart is to build strong people through sports for a lifetime of success.

It is time’s like this that we hope those life lessons take action. I do not have any inside information on how long the school will be closed down. We can not accurately predict what will happen. The chance for sacrifice is high; missed proms, graduations, sporting events, lost income, and lost jobs. We can only deal with the time we have today. The needs will continue to grow. Please take time to find ways to help others over the next few weeks. The video below from Jostens captures this spirit of helping others.