Pirates News · Things You Can Do

Students remember when your parents talked about walking to school uphill both ways to make a point about difficulty. You will not have to make up any stories to tell your kids! This is a unique and challenging time. I know many of you have positive attitudes which make Pirate Athletics so great. But it can be tough to avoid feeling upset, disappointed, and even depressed.  In difficult times it is helpful to be grateful and focus on what we can do.

A couple of things I have reflected on:

  • I am grateful for the extra time to spend with my family
  • I feel fortunate to be the athletic director at Hart
  • I love the effort and passion our coaches bring to each sport
  • It is a joy to watch all of you compete

The link below contains something for students, coaches, and parents to do each day this week. Stay Pirate Strong!


If you need anything or just want to connect with someone, feel free to email me at thertzler@hart.k12.mi.us