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How to overcome your fears | TED Talks

“Both faith and fear look forward to a future that has not happened. One looks at a positive future and the other on a negative future.” This is a quote from Jon Gordon, a leadership speaker and author. We have and will lose some things that are important to us during this time. It is good to grieve those losses. But as we look to the future, which is unknown, let’s have faith that it will be a positive experience.

How can you be positive? Love is the antidote to fear. Focus on tBelieve in miracle. Child girl dreaming her wish come true ...he things you love. In athletics, we pursue greatness by loving the process. Three simple steps to take this week to increase your faith:

  • Take a walk of gratitude each day this week. Focus on the things you can be thankful for at this time.
  • Do something each day that improves your skills, love the process
  • Talk to someone about what you are thankful for or love this week.